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About Laviez Academy

 Our first venture was Established in 2002 in the name of Amritha Medical Technology and IDLComputer Education (MICE) with a mission to bring world class education closer to students coming from Urban & Rural Areas.  doorstep of the students.

In the endeavor to promote education, LA VIEZ worked towards bringing international education to the to the doorstep of the students.

The trust of LA VIEZ is mainly directed for qualified students in the developing and third world nations to pursue higher education in the fields of Aviation, Hospitality, Retail Management, etc. from the Colleges and Universities, which have the best educational facilities and infrastructure.

LA VIEZ provides various services such as Student Counseling, Assistance in Document Processing, Applying to Institutions, following-up for Admission, Employment Services and Visa Applications for the students prefer to study Abroad.

We provide services to children, adolescents, couples and adults in individual, family and group settings. Please call for an appointment or for additional information.

We are committed to serving you for a better tomorrow